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Green Scythe Fair 2019 – tickets available

The Green Scythe Fair 2018 was the most popular ever. This excellent little fair is deservedly going from strength to strength. To help manage traffic and numbers in 2019 the event will be ticketed. The Fair is on Sunday 9th June. Advance tickets are available now at a discounted rate. Ticket numbers will be limited so it is worth booking early if you want to … Continue reading Green Scythe Fair 2019 – tickets available »

Planning a busy summer

Mowing paths for a labyrinth with a Trimming Snath

What better way to spend a cold January day then laying plans for Summer? ….and it looks like it will be a busy one! Here is how it looks so far, I expect there will be more to come. There will be hay making to fit in somewhere too! Courses and Workshops We have added more dates for our popular Introductory Scythe Courses and Peening … Continue reading Planning a busy summer »

Mowing a Meander in the Meadow

Meander in the Meadow

Every year I mow a labyrinth into the top hay field for Summer Solstice. Here is the one I mowed last year. The labyrinth is useful in that it gives people a chance to walk and play right in amongst the flowers WITHOUT trampling our valuable hay crop. Our children have been raised with the idea that unmown grass is sacrosanct and wouldn’t dream of … Continue reading Mowing a Meander in the Meadow »

Peening for the Spring Festival

Edge peening a styria blade

It’s only 12 days until the Spring Festival (previously the Smallholder Show) run by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. We are exhibiting Austrian scythe at the show this year and preparations are in full swing. Phil has been peening his way through an impressive pile of blades, preparing them both for the festival and for our first scythe course of the year on 28th May. … Continue reading Peening for the Spring Festival »

At the Garden Party

We had a lovely time today at the Gardeners Question Time Summer Garden Party. It was held at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales, which were looking lush and beautiful in the summer sunshine. Much time was spent talking  – with established scythers, those who had heard of the scythe and were keen to know more and those for whom the Austrian scythe was totally … Continue reading At the Garden Party »

Mowing a Labyrinth

For the past couple of years I have mowed a labyrinth into the wild flower meadow in the Top Field as part of the Summer Solstice celebration we hold here at the Trust. The children really enjoy it, and were determined there should be another one this year. So, wielding the trusty Austrian Scythe, I went out in the drizzle on Saturday morning to mow. … Continue reading Mowing a Labyrinth »