Scythe Courses

A course is a great way to start using a scythe or to improve on your existing skills

Meet your teachers

Our courses are held on the wildflower meadows of Dyfed Permaculture Farm in South West Wales and are led by experienced mowers and scythe teachers PHIL BATTEN and MICHELLE LAINÉ

Phil and Michelle were taught to scythe by renowned scythe master, Peter Vido at the first West Country Scythe Festival in 2005. Phil now co-teaches of the Scythe Improvers Masterclass at this same festival.

The scythe is an indispensable tool on our smallholding and we have built up considerable experience with its use and maintenance.

Our courses offer:

  • Lots of hands on experience of all aspects of the use of the scythe. Learn by doing!
  • The benefit of our experience in the use of the scythe. We are not just scythe teachers – we use the scythe almost daily in a variety of situations.
  • A chance to “try before you buy” or help to get your scythe set up well.
  • Friendly, relaxed learning environment
  • The opportunity to visit a permaculture smallholding where the scythe is integral to the management

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