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Peening – what is it and why bother?

Is it worth learning to peen? Yes! Getting to grips with the art of peening is a transformative moment for many mowers. Good mowing technique will only get you so far. The key to easy, relaxed and efficient mowing is a really sharp blade. There are two aspects to maintaining a sharp edge: Good technique with a whet stone when honing in the field Use … Continue reading Peening – what is it and why bother? »

Peening for the Spring Festival

Edge peening a styria blade

It’s only 12 days until the Spring Festival (previously the Smallholder Show) run by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. We are exhibiting Austrian scythe at the show this year and preparations are in full swing. Phil has been peening his way through an impressive pile of blades, preparing them both for the festival and for our first scythe course of the year on 28th May. … Continue reading Peening for the Spring Festival »