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Planning a busy summer

Mowing paths for a labyrinth with a Trimming Snath

What better way to spend a cold January day then laying plans for Summer? ….and it looks like it will be a busy one! Here is how it looks so far, I expect there will be more to come. There will be hay making to fit in somewhere too! Courses and Workshops We have added more dates for our popular Introductory Scythe Courses and Peening … Continue reading Planning a busy summer »

More Peening and Scythe Course dates added

We have added some more course dates for 2016. There will be  Introductory Scythe Courses on Saturday 28th May, Tuesday 28th June, Wednesday 27th July, Saturday 6th August and Sunday 21st August. The course costs £60 or £50 concession. There will be a Peening Workshop on Sunday 3rd April, Saturday 9th July and Sunday 18th September. The course costs £40. For more information on all courses, see this page [wp_eStore_fancy1 id=37][wp_eStore_fancy1 … Continue reading More Peening and Scythe Course dates added »

Get Ready to Mow! Peening Workshop

Spring is gathering pace and the grass is starting to grow. Soon the mowing season will be upon us and it will be time to get your scythe into action, if it hasn’t already been hard at work clearing brambles and weeds all winter. On Tuesday 14th April will we be holding our first Peening Workshop of the season, the perfect opportunity to get your … Continue reading Get Ready to Mow! Peening Workshop »

Apple Tree Grafting Workshop

Yesterday we ran our second Apple Tree Grafting Workshop. The day started off with Phil looking at the reasons we choose to graft apple trees onto different root stocks. He went on to look at the principles of grafting, including sourcing root stock and grafting material, the grafting processes it’s self and aftercare of the grafted trees. Freshly grafted Apple Trees The participants had a … Continue reading Apple Tree Grafting Workshop »

“Get Ready to Mow” Peening Workshop 2014

Yesterday was International Peening Day. For our part, we held a Peening and Sharpening Workshop. The rain came in steady waves all day, so I was very glad that the day was mainly spent in the comfort of the Red Barn, where Phil described and demonstrated the process of [popup url=http://www.scythecymru.co.uk/scythes-for-sale/peening/ height=”800″ width=”800″]peening[/popup] in detail. Peening with a Jig Participants had plenty of time to … Continue reading “Get Ready to Mow” Peening Workshop 2014 »

Grafting Apple Trees – collecting scion wood

Collecting graft material from an apple tree Here is Phil collecting material for grafting from an apple tree in our garden. The scions are stored with their butt ends in the ground to await grafting on to new root stock, either by us or during our Apple Tree Grafting Workshop later in the spring. Labelled bundles of apple scions being stored ready for use in … Continue reading Grafting Apple Trees – collecting scion wood »