Learning to Scythe in the Hay Meadow

Learning to scythe in the hay meadow

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Citrine Waxcap Hygrocybe citrinovirens

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Ways to buy from Scythe Cymru

This page details ways you can currently buy a scythe from us. We are constantly monitoring the Covid situation, following Government advice…

Scything under an Electric Fence

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Schröckenfux snath design updates

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Preparing your new scythe blade

How to get your new blade ready to mow! Remove the Lacquer from the edge All new blades come coated in a…

The Austrian Scythe is a light and versatile tool.

It is quiet, requires no petrochemicals to run and is enjoyable and easy to use.  We use a scythe instead of a strimmer or mechanical mower for everything from mowing meadows to clearing brambles, with equal if not better results and no uncomfortable mechanical vibrations.

We would like to share our skills, built up from many years of using the scythe in our garden, around the smallholding, hand hay making, teaching, talking and sharing.

We run courses to get you started on your scything journey or help you as you progress. In our shop we sell the same high quality equipment that we use. Through this website we share information about many aspects of scything, hand hay making and hand farming.