Scything & Hand Haymaking in West Wales

The scythe is a light and versatile tool.

It is quiet, does not use petrochemicals and is enjoyable and easy to use.

We use a scythe instead of a strimmer or mechanical mower for everything from mowing meadows to clearing brambles, with equal if not better results and no uncomfortable mechanical vibrations.

We would like to share our skills, built up from many years of using the Austrian scythe in our garden, around the smallholding, hand hay making, teaching, talking and sharing.

Scythe Sets

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Scythe Shop

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Scythe Courses and Peening Workshops

Reasons to love the scythe

Scythes are quiet

You can hear the birds whilst you are mowing. And the neighbours won’t mind if you start work at the crack of dawn.

It is much more enjoyable for a group of volunteers to work with scythes then strimmers. Conversation is still possible! And there is less disturbance to wildlife and other users of the space.

Scythes are green

No internal combustion engines and fully maintainable or replaceable parts.

Scythes are mobile.

Scythes can easily be taken to harder to access corners of a site, or be used to manage areas that are unsuitable for machines eg slopes

Scythes are effective

The scythe is a versatile tool, ideal for the small holder, gardener or volunteer group. It is capable of trimming around trees, clearing scrub, mowing the lawn, cutting hay…and much more.

  • Scythe Improvers Masterclass POster
    April 14, 2024

    Scythe Improvers Masterclass at the Green Scythe Fair

    Learn to Scythe and Peen with greater CONFIDENCE & EASE! A two day course for mowers with some experience who want to develop their skills, team leaders managing volunteers or staff or people who want to teach scythe use to others. You will get personal attention from three of the

  • January 30, 2024

    Work and Volunteer with Scythe Cymru and Dyfed Permaculture Farm

    Part-time scythe packing for Scythe Cymru (paid work), alongside part-time volunteering for Dyfed Permaculture Farm CIO. We are offering: seasonal part-time paid work in our scythe business (0.5 to 2+ days a week, contact us for details). simple accommodation, some food and lots of knowledge sharing in exchange for your

  • Citrine Waxcap Hygrocybe citrinovirens
    December 8, 2023

    Wonderful Waxcaps

    It’s easy to notice the glories of a wildflower meadow in the summer, but did you know that there are treasures to be found in the autumn and winter too? And it’s not just species rich meadows either, church yards, pastures, even lawns can be harboring exciting grassland fungi. Take