Green Scythe Fair 2024 and Scythe Association Member’s Day

Green Scythe Fair 2024

The Green Scythe Fair Sunday 9th June, 2024 The UK’s biggest and longest running Scythe Fair will be held at Thorney Lakes, Somerset on Sunday 9th June. Come along to meet fellow scythe enthusiasts and enjoy all the delights the fair has to offer! This is a magical one day

Scythe Improvers Masterclass at the Green Scythe Fair

Scythe Improvers Masterclass POster

Learn to Scythe and Peen with greater CONFIDENCE & EASE! A two day course for mowers with some experience who want to develop their skills, team leaders managing volunteers or staff or people who want to teach scythe use to others. You will get personal attention from three of the