Scythe sets, snaths, blades, sharpening stones, peening equipment, rakes, other hand tools….and spare parts.

This is the same high-quality equipment that we use and we are happy to offer advice on what would be best for your circumstances.


All the kit you need to get scything, at a discount over buying the parts separately.

scythe kit

Standard Scythe Sets

The best starting place for most people. In addition to the scythe, these sets include the maintenance equipment needed to keep your blade in top mowing condition.

Rough Mowing Scythe Kit

Rough Mowing Scythe Set

If you will only be using your scythe on very rough weeds, brambles etc this set may be what you need

Minimum scythe kit

Minimum Scythe Set

Basic sets if you want to have a go before you invest in maintenance tools (or have them already) or if you plan to use a blade peening service.