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Peening to Keep Mowing

Hay rowed up for the night on Cae Mari Jones

Whilst mowing this morning both Phil and I were sharpening more frequently than usual to keep our blades mowing well – time for a peen. Here is Phil working on my 75cm Profisense ready for tomorrow morning’s mowing. Permaculture Magazine are featuring an article by us on peening in their latest issue. We want to encourage more people to experience the benefits that peening can … Continue reading Peening to Keep Mowing »

Peening for the Spring Festival

Edge peening a styria blade

It’s only 12 days until the Spring Festival (previously the Smallholder Show) run by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. We are exhibiting Austrian scythe at the show this year and preparations are in full swing. Phil has been peening his way through an impressive pile of blades, preparing them both for the festival and for our first scythe course of the year on 28th May. … Continue reading Peening for the Spring Festival »

Spring Peen your Scythe Blade!

Spring is here. This is an ideal time to get your blade out and give it a thorough service ahead of the mowing season. Give it a good clean and get out your peening equipment, repair any dints and damage, sharpen the edge. We have a Peening and Sharpening Workshop on Sunday 3rd April if you need a bit of help and support to get … Continue reading Spring Peen your Scythe Blade! »

Peening, Tai Chi Mowing and the rain

What a busy end to the week we had last week! Thursday and Friday were a mad rush to finish off and bring in the hay that we had saved from the rain last week and that which had been cut on the Introductory Scythe Course on 4th July. Then we were busy preparing for the next round of workshops. Six people joined us on … Continue reading Peening, Tai Chi Mowing and the rain »

Get Ready to Mow! Peening Workshop

Spring is gathering pace and the grass is starting to grow. Soon the mowing season will be upon us and it will be time to get your scythe into action, if it hasn’t already been hard at work clearing brambles and weeds all winter. On Tuesday 14th April will we be holding our first Peening Workshop of the season, the perfect opportunity to get your … Continue reading Get Ready to Mow! Peening Workshop »

Courses and Events 2015

New Year is when we put together our plans for 2015. There is lots planned already and more to come! The year starts off with an Apple Tree Grafting Workshop on 11th March. From April onwards we are running a number of Introductory Scythe Courses and Peening and Sharpening Workshops. New this year is a Tai Chi Mowing Workshop, a fantastic opportunity to learn how … Continue reading Courses and Events 2015 »

Dealing with damage to the blade edge 2

Quite a while back I posted about some damage sustained by a Styria 65cm blade here and here. I wrote the following a couple of weeks later when Phil peened and repaired it. It has sat unpublished ever since, waiting for photos to be added. I have finally done this, so here is the end of the story! ……………………………………………………………………………… Towards the end of last week, … Continue reading Dealing with damage to the blade edge 2 »