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Peening Away

This evening the garden has been ringing to the familiar sound of the peening anvil and hammer. Phil has been preparing his 85cm Profisense blade ahead of the coming haying season, and more imminently, the West Country Scythe Festival at which he will be teaching, taking part in the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland (SABI) AGM and joining in the fun on the day … Continue reading Peening Away »

Peening – Anvil or Peening Jig?

We held our first Introductory Scythe Course of the season on Saturday. With such good grass growth this spring, the course was full with a waiting list as well! Here is a nice summery of the day by one of the course participants, Bill Smith of “Growing Ruabon”. Course participants mowing on Introductory Scythe Course 24th May After lunch, Phil turned to the subject of … Continue reading Peening – Anvil or Peening Jig? »