Dealing with damage to the blade edge

Below is a picture of an area of damage to a Styria blade that I mentioned in the last post.

Damage to blade edge caused by a piece of concrete

Damage to blade edge caused by a piece of concrete

As the blade was freshly [popup url= height=”800″ width=”800″]peened[/popup] Phil decided not to take the blade straight back to the peening anvil for repair. Instead, he roughly filed out the area of damage with a flat chainsaw file such that it runs smoothly into the rest of the blade edge as shown in the photo below. The blade can then be used without the stone catching on the damaged part every time the blade is sharpened.

Blade edge after filing

Blade edge after filing

By the time the blade needs peening again a little more filing can be carried out if necessary to further smooth the edge, then the hammer and anvil can be used to draw out the area of damage to restore an even profile to the blade edge.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with damage to the blade edge”

  1. Jim Sanders

    Thanks for reminding me about using the saw file…….spent quite some time peening out a similar “ding”

    1. scythecymru Post Author

      Well it is not the purist thing to do, but this is the real world and it is a useful stop gap until there is time to finish peening the damage out properly!

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