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Spring in the Meadows – Molehill bashing!

No scyther enjoys meeting a molehill whilst mowing. It interrupts the flow of your scythe strokes, and worse still, blunts your blade! We have a very healthy population of moles on the farm, complete with accompanying molehills. Now, whilst the weather is dry but before the grass is really growing away, is the time of year to flatten them. The industrious moles will of course … Continue reading Spring in the Meadows – Molehill bashing! »

In Praise of Bracken

 Bracken tends to get a pretty bad press, and with good reason. However, bracken can make a positive contribution to a habitat, garden or farm system. On our holding we have come to value rather then fear our stands of bracken. Bracken as part of Britain’s Ecology Bracken is natural part of the British flora. It provides valuable habitat for small mammals, birds and reptiles … Continue reading In Praise of Bracken »

Spring Cleaning with the Scythe

At last the grass is growing! Spring has been slow to get underway this year, but now it has the garden is beginning to look rather ragged around the edges. Here is how we use the scythe to give the garden a bit of a Spring tidy up. The short video at the end shows some of the mowing techniques we use. Mowing and Creating … Continue reading Spring Cleaning with the Scythe »

Spring time in the Garden – Mulched Potatoes

For the last few years we have built an outdoor haystack. This serves as an emergency backup for the indoor stacks should we need additional animal feed in a really severe winter. Its primary purpose is to “store” mulch material for use in the garden in the spring, as there is little fresh to harvest at this time of the year. We have grown potatoes … Continue reading Spring time in the Garden – Mulched Potatoes »