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Spring time in the Garden – Mulched Potatoes

For the last few years we have built an outdoor haystack. This serves as an emergency backup for the indoor stacks should we need additional animal feed in a really severe winter. Its primary purpose is to “store” mulch material for use in the garden in the spring, as there is little fresh to harvest at this time of the year. We have grown potatoes … Continue reading Spring time in the Garden – Mulched Potatoes »

Mowing at Midday

We have a grass track running through the Trust. We maintain parts of it with a scythe, usually using the clippings to mulch the vegetable gardens. The edges to the tracks are left to grow longer and bramble tries to creep out from the hedges. Periodically the edges need managing too. Edges ready to be mown The balance of grazing land to hay fields on … Continue reading Mowing at Midday »

Edible Hedgerows

We are in the process of developing Edible Hedgerows along some of the fence lines that are not along existing hedge lines. The hedges will function something like a linear forest garden, allowing us to create a higher yield of edibles than in a standard hedge, whilst also carrying out several more usual hedgerow functions. Front: Hugal bed filled with wood. Behind is the next … Continue reading Edible Hedgerows »