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New Falci blades and Welsh Made Peening Benches

Scythe Blade Bear Sticker

The Falci order is here! Despite the lashing June rain, we successfully took delivery of a pallet from Italy yesterday. For those of you who have been patiently waiting, the Falci 187 Short Ditch Blade is back in stock! (EDIT 24/06/20 – wow, they’re all gone already! Please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when it is back in stock.) We are also … Continue reading New Falci blades and Welsh Made Peening Benches »

Falci Blades and The Scything Handbook

The 50 cm length of the Falci 128 Trimming blade is now back in stock, as is the 80cm length of the Falci 106 International Meadow blade. We also have received stock of The Scything Handbook from the publishers, which is now available to buy from the book section of the shop. Something to read during the lengthening autumn evenings perhaps?

Falci Scythe Blades

Falci scythe blades

Following trials of blades from the Italian Falci scythe factory this spring, we are pleased to offer a limited number of these blades in our shop. Available for the first time in the UK, these blades have a strong international reputation. See here for the blades on offer. More models may be added as trails continue. To give you a taster of the blades in … Continue reading Falci Scythe Blades »