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Spring Cleaning with the Scythe

At last the grass is growing! Spring has been slow to get underway this year, but now it has the garden is beginning to look rather ragged around the edges. Here is how we use the scythe to give the garden a bit of a Spring tidy up. The short video at the end shows some of the mowing techniques we use. Mowing and Creating … Continue reading Spring Cleaning with the Scythe »

The Grass Mowing Season Begins

The grass mowing season began for us yesterday, with Phil taking his scythe out with him to mow the grass in an extensive garden in a nearby village. A Low Impact Gardener’s Bike Phil gardens for several people around us, all within walking or cycling distance which suits our generally car free lifestyle perfectly. Above is a picture of his bike, loaded up and ready … Continue reading The Grass Mowing Season Begins »