OPEN MEADOW MORNING Saturday 22nd June

OPEN MEADOW MORNING Saturday 22nd June ~ Dydd Sadwrn Mehefin 22ain BORE DOL AGORED Join us for a tour of our glorious traditional wildflower meadows. Ymunwch â ni am daith o amgylch y dolydd blodau gwyllt traddodiadol. Learn about the diversity of species in the meadows and how we manage them for biodiversity and

The Austrian Scythe – a versatile tool

Cearing a path in the woods

People buy a scythe for lots of reasons – for managing everything from a smallholding to the edges of a heritage railway line. Looking at our site at this time of year it can appear that our scythe use is restricted to the hay meadow, but this is far from

Peening to Keep Mowing

Hay rowed up for the night on Cae Mari Jones

Whilst mowing this morning both Phil and I were sharpening more frequently than usual to keep our blades mowing well – time for a peen. Here is Phil working on my 75cm Profisense ready for tomorrow morning’s mowing. Permaculture Magazine are featuring an article by us on peening in their

Mowing at Midday

We have a grass track running through the Trust. We maintain parts of it with a scythe, usually using the clippings to mulch the vegetable gardens. The edges to the tracks are left to grow longer and bramble tries to creep out from the hedges. Periodically the edges need managing