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The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow

March has been a busy month for us. After a lot of waiting and planning, we went up to the Faroe Islands. The recent eclipse provided the perfect motivation to get us to a place we have long wanted to visit. The farm museum at Saksun, Faroe Islands, with the tidal lagoon and mountains beyond So with farm sitters in place, we loaded up the … Continue reading The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow »

Haymaking 2014 – Making Bales

It has all been very busy the last couple of weeks, hence no posts for a while. Hay making continues on Mari Jones, all using racks now because of the unsettled weather. We carried the hand bale press into the field two weeks ago. It is good to bale up a bit of the hay as it makes it more saleable. We were also interested … Continue reading Haymaking 2014 – Making Bales »