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The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow

March has been a busy month for us. After a lot of waiting and planning, we went up to the Faroe Islands. The recent eclipse provided the perfect motivation to get us to a place we have long wanted to visit. The farm museum at Saksun, Faroe Islands, with the tidal lagoon and mountains beyond So with farm sitters in place, we loaded up the … Continue reading The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow »

To the Fair by Bike

We had a stand at a fair in the Woollen Museum on Saturday. The fair was called “The Good Life” and gave visitors to the museum and locals the chance to see the variety of land based crafts carried out in the area. Here are our bikes at the museum, loaded up with scythes, wool, preserves and information (and people!). Our old Burley trailer (on … Continue reading To the Fair by Bike »

Haymaking 2014 – Making Bales

It has all been very busy the last couple of weeks, hence no posts for a while. Hay making continues on Mari Jones, all using racks now because of the unsettled weather. We carried the hand bale press into the field two weeks ago. It is good to bale up a bit of the hay as it makes it more saleable. We were also interested … Continue reading Haymaking 2014 – Making Bales »

One Man Went to… Wimpole

What does a Scyther do in his spare time? Why enter scythe competitions of course! While Phil has been going to the West Country Scythe Festival since it’s beginning, he had never made it to the Eastern Counties Scythe Festival held annually at the National Trust property Wimpole. This year, with no hay down and extra help on the farm, Phil grabbed the opportunity to … Continue reading One Man Went to… Wimpole »

The Grass Mowing Season Begins

The grass mowing season began for us yesterday, with Phil taking his scythe out with him to mow the grass in an extensive garden in a nearby village. A Low Impact Gardener’s Bike Phil gardens for several people around us, all within walking or cycling distance which suits our generally car free lifestyle perfectly. Above is a picture of his bike, loaded up and ready … Continue reading The Grass Mowing Season Begins »

SABI Winter Meeting and How Scythes Travel By Bike

Phil’s bike, loaded with scythe equipment, in Norfolk Square, London Phil went to the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland (SABI) winter meeting at the end of January, hosted by John Letts in Oxfordshire. With a mix of business and socialising, a good time was had by all. Simon Damant has a nice report on his blog, here with some great pictures. While meeting up … Continue reading SABI Winter Meeting and How Scythes Travel By Bike »