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Electric Fencing to Manage Grassland

electric fence gate

Another spring time job is setting up the electric fencing on the spring / early summer grazing. Over the years I have worked with it a lot and come to appreciate its flexibility and usefulness and learnt some useful tricks to counteract some of its disadvantages. So why do we use it? Subdividing fields into small parcels means we can move grazers frequently. The sheep … Continue reading Electric Fencing to Manage Grassland »

Solar Cheese

willow the goat kid

The first of our two goats kidded on 2nd April, meaning we again have more milk then we can consume fresh or as yoghurt. The other thing we have in excess is electricity, having finally completed the installation of our 2KW Solar PV off grid system. I decided to combine the two excesses and use only home produced power to make my first cheese of … Continue reading Solar Cheese »

The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow

March has been a busy month for us. After a lot of waiting and planning, we went up to the Faroe Islands. The recent eclipse provided the perfect motivation to get us to a place we have long wanted to visit. The farm museum at Saksun, Faroe Islands, with the tidal lagoon and mountains beyond So with farm sitters in place, we loaded up the … Continue reading The Faroe Islands and the Smallholder’s Cow »