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A Good Start Made

Hay racks in the meadow

This last week of beautiful weather has given us a good start on the seasons hay making. Phil has mowed every morning from Saturday 28th May until Friday 3rd June. The cut grass has been spread and rowed daily, taking about 3.5 days to dry. The first hay was bought in on Tuesday 31st, with more bought in each day since then. Rain was forecast … Continue reading A Good Start Made »

The Summer of Hay Making Begins.

Orchid in bud

It’s a weekend of firsts – we had our first beginners scythe course of the season yesterday and we started the first hay making of the year. Phil also found the first orchids in the hay field. The first was in bud……. and the second was starting to open. The beauty of the scythe is that the mower is very aware of the vegetation that is … Continue reading The Summer of Hay Making Begins. »

Last of the Hay making

What a beautiful week of summer we have just had. Autumn activities were put on hold and we grabbed the opportunity to make hay while the sun shone. The shorter Autumn days meant we were often working out in the fields at sunset, sometimes finishing rowing up in the dark. Highlights have been early starts on cool, dewy mornings, beautiful red sunsets, children chasing frogs … Continue reading Last of the Hay making »

Late Summer Haying and Mowing Grains with a Scythe

‎ The late summer weather has not been easy haying weather. If we waited for 4 or 5 days of sunny weather in a row, as is commonly suggested as needed for hay making, we wouldn’t have made much! In fact, there have only been two occasions which might qualify in the last two months, 7th – 10th July and 15th -18th August, and neither … Continue reading Late Summer Haying and Mowing Grains with a Scythe »

Industrial Mowing

Phil was out on Thursday doing what is probably his strangest mowing job to date. We had a call last week from a local weed management company asking if we could help them out. A local gas storage facility needed overgrown vegetation cut from within the compound as the ageing vegetation was considered a fire risk. However, the work inside the compound had to be … Continue reading Industrial Mowing »