Falci Scythe Blades

Falci 106 80cm 90cm
Falci model 106 – 80cm and 90cm
Falci 128 70cm
Falci model 128 – 70cm

Following trials of blades from the Italian Falci scythe factory this spring, we are pleased to offer a limited number of these blades in our shop.

Available for the first time in the UK, these blades have a strong international reputation. See here for the blades on offer. More models may be added as trails continue.

To give you a taster of the blades in action, here is Phil mowing a with a 90cm Falci 106 early yesterday morning.

2 thoughts on “Falci Scythe Blades

  1. Well that’s impressive. Firstly I want to say I’ve never regretted the scything course I did with you or buying my scythe and two blades. I’m improving slowly or so I thought until I watched this! Phil what is the knack to cutting a whole semi circle as you do? I manage a fair arc only. Regards

    1. Awareness of the movements you are trying to achieve, practice and Tai Chi says Phil. A really sharp blade helps a lot too!

      At the risk of sounding like an advert, we have a Tai Chi Mowing workshop coming up in July which is just the place to learn more and improve your mowing style.

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