The Grass Mowing Season Begins

The grass mowing season began for us yesterday, with Phil taking his scythe out with him to mow the grass in an extensive garden in a nearby village.

A Low Impact Gardener's Bike

A Low Impact Gardener’s Bike

Phil gardens for several people around us, all within walking or cycling distance which suits our generally car free lifestyle perfectly. Above is a picture of his bike, loaded up and ready to go to work. Note the trick of carrying the scythe snath and a rake strapped along the top bar!

Phil manages all of these gardens by hand, using a scythe in place of a lawn mower or a strimmer. In the garden he was mowing today, the versatility of the scythe allows him to mow around patches of wildflowers, allowing them to bloom and be enjoyed by the owner, and to cut paths into wilder corners, opening them up for exploration.

Unfortunately, gardens can come with hidden obstacles – a buried piece of concrete took a fair sized chip out of the edge of a Styria blade that was freshly peened. Looks like it is back to the peening anvil for a bit of repair work for this one! I’ll let you know how the repair goes.

Damage to blade edge caused by a piece of concrete

Damage to blade edge caused by a piece of concrete

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