The Value of Attending a Scythe Course

Our first Introductory Scythe Course of the season is coming up on Saturday May 24th. While it is perfectly possible to become a good mower without going on a course, I thought I would let you know what we think can be gained by attending a course.

Some people are “hands-on” learners. You can read about how to put a blade on a scythe, or the most effective postures for mowing, but it can be easier to learn when there is someone on hand to demonstrate then help you out while you have a go.

Learning to sharpen the scythe on the Introductory Scythe Course, May 2012

Learning to sharpen the scythe on a Introductory Scythe Course

There is plenty of opportunity to have a go at all aspects of scything during a course, from set up and mowing to peening. Participants have the chance to receive feedback on the areas they find particularly interesting or challenging. After many years of teaching, Phil is familiar with the common problems beginners face (and more experienced scythers too) and is able to offer advice on how to overcome them. It can be easier to avoid the common mistakes at the beginning, then try and un-learn bad habits later on.
While there is the same core information to be imparted on each course, the actual experience is tailored by those who attend. Perhaps participants will have questions on how to mow a narrow path in a garden, or how to tackle an established bramble patch for example. Phil is able to offer tips and tricks he has learnt from his own experience. There is also the opportunity to see what can be achieved, as the scythe plays an important role in the management of the land and gardens of the Trust, where the courses are held.

The Introductory Scythe course having a first go at scything on Cae Mari Jones

An Introductory Scythe course having a first go at scything on Cae Mari Jones

It is fun as well. The conversations over tea and lunch are great and cover a wide range of topics, as a group of people who have never met before chat and laugh over their shared interests.

So what does a course offer? A fun, informative and hands on introduction to the world of the scythe. And of course a chance to try before you buy if you don’t have a scythe already.

For more information on the courses we offer see our courses page.