Fux Deluxe Bar Peening Anvil


A high quality bar peen anvil from Schröckenfux.

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A high quality bar peen anvil from Schröckenfux.

This anvil gives an excellent finish and is the one we use.

The anvil come with full instructions for use, plus a supporting table and guide plate. Whilst the anvil can be used without these, beginners may find them helpful in learning how to position the blade correctly.

These anvils are for freehand peening with a peening hammer.

Frequent polishing of the face of your hammer and anvil with a 120 grit rubberized sanding block will keep it nice and shiny.

See our Peening Guide for more information on all aspects of peening.



If you need a cost-effective entry point to freehand peening, look at the Picard Anvil.


You can learn more about freehand peening:

Peening with a jig is a great way to familiarize yourself withIf peening, and it lessens the chance you will damage your blade as you learn.

Next Steps

If you want to move onto freehand peening, a good intermediate step is to use the jig to complete the first lines of peening, then finish the edge freehand.

This is the easiest line to place freehand. Practicing in this way will help you build the skills and confidence to complete the whole task on an anvil.

This guide covers choosing between anvil and jig peening.

Peening with an anvil requires a specialised hammer.

The face of peening hammers must be kept smooth and shiny. Any dint or defect in the face of the hammer will be imprinted in the blade being peened.

A peening hammer should be reserved for peening with an anvil only and NEVER used with the jig, or worse yet, to hammer in nails!

We supply peening hammers.

You may find a suitable hammer that can be polished up for use in your collection or at a second hand tool sale