The Scythe Masterclass 2019

The Scythe Masterclass

7th and 8th June

at the Green Scythe Fair, Muchelney Somerset.

The Green Scythe Fair is the highlight of the scything calendar for many mowers.

The Scythe Masterclass happens in the run up to the fair. Phil really enjoys being part of the teaching team and we get great feedback from past participants.

What makes the Scythe Masterclass so special?

Mowing on the Scythe Master Class

It is the ultimate scythe course.

You get two days packed full of knowledge and experience to help improve all aspects of your scything.

From learning how to diagnose and fix problems in your own and others mowing techniques, to in depth explorations of peening. This is the place to find answers to all your scything questions and more.

“[the Masterclass]…..not only gave me a further push to a more rounded understanding of the tool but it instilled in me confidence in my abilities.”

Whether you use the scythe at home or at work, the Masterclass will help you mow with greater confidence and ease.

If you work with volunteers or are planning to teach scything, the course gives valuable advice on how to safely pass on your skills.

It is an amazing source of information and inspiration

With three course tutors you will have access to a great breadth of knowledge. The tutors Phil Batten, Christiana Lechner and Steve Tomlin, each have many years of scything and teaching experience to share.

“It’s really great to learn from
three different styles of mowing”

With three different teaching and mowing styles there is something to inspire everyone, and help you on the path to developing your own unique style.

It’s fun!

“it’s…the social aspect of learning with others that makes the course so enjoyable and rewarding.”

The Scythe Masterclass is a great opportunity to meet, learn and socialize with scythers from across the UK and beyond.

In addition to the main tutors there will be other members of the Scythe Association in attendance, especially on the Saturday, with opportunities for discussions on everything from hand hay making to the English scythe.

….and then there is the festival!

“Probably the most enjoyable and authentic
country fair in all England”

The biggest Scythe Festival in the UK happens on Sunday 9th June.

This is your chance to join in with the mowing and hay making competitions should you choose, or cheer along others as they race, browse the stalls and soak up the atmosphere

The festival makes a most satisfying finish to the ultimate scythe course. For more information and booking details see this page