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Field Names of Wales – Enwau Caeau Cymru

Field names are much more attractive and memorable then Welsh Government identifying numbers. One of the benefits of learning Welsh is a better understanding of the meaning of these names, as well as a better chance of pronouncing them correctly! Mae’r enwau caeau mwy tlws a llawer mwy cofiadwy na rhifau caeau o’r Llywodraeth Cymru Ers dwi wedi dysgu Cymraeg, dwi wedi mwynhau yn deall … Continue reading Field Names of Wales – Enwau Caeau Cymru »

How many words for hay?

While researching Welsh scything terms I came across the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, a wonderful Welsh dictionary run by the University of Wales. Whilst checking on more mundane words such as “haystack” and “scythe” I came across a rich seam of specific historical terms. Under the word gwair (hay) there were terms not so dissimilar to ones we might use in English eg “gwair doldir – … Continue reading How many words for hay? »

Scything in Welsh – Pladuro yn Gymraeg

The “Cymru” in Scythe Cymru is, of course, the welsh name for Wales. A month ago I was talking about scything with a reporter from Lingo Newydd, a welsh language bi-monthly magazine for welsh learners. I have been learning Welsh for 5 years now and can hold a pretty passable conversation. However, just as some English words such as “peening” and “windrow” are not in … Continue reading Scything in Welsh – Pladuro yn Gymraeg »