Scything in Welsh – Pladuro yn Gymraeg

The “Cymru” in Scythe Cymru is, of course, the welsh name for Wales.

A month ago I was talking about scything with a reporter from Lingo Newydd, a welsh language bi-monthly magazine for welsh learners. I have been learning Welsh for 5 years now and can hold a pretty passable conversation. However, just as some English words such as “peening” and “windrow” are not in every day usage, it is not every welsh conversation that requires scythe related vocabulary, so I did a bit of revision before the interview. For those with an interest in the welsh language here are a few welsh scythe related terms:

scythe(s) – pladur(iau)‎ (n,f)
to scythe – pladuro
‎mower(s) – pladurwr(-wyr) (n,m)

blade(s)- llafn(-au) (n,m)
sharp – miniog (adj)
to sharpen – hogi / minio
‎hammer(s) – morthwyl(-ion) (n,m)
to hammer‎ – morthwylio

lladd gwair – make hay
tas wair – haystack

Note, just as there is regional variation in scythe vocabulary across England it is likely that there is regional variation in Wales too. ‎So don’t be surprised if they say something else where you live!

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  1. Mi wnes i ddarllen dy hanes yn Lingo Newydd – diddorol iawn! Dw i wedi siarad am pladu a ti a Phil yn fy nosbarth Cymraeg yn Y Trallwng. Hwyl fawr!

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