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Giving part of the meadow the Chelsea Chop

Making an Early Start. Conventional advise has suggested waiting until July or later before beginning to cut wildflower meadows. However, in recent years this has begun to change and we have started some of our hay making from the end of May. One late cutting date is more suited to machine mowing, where as hand hay making lends it’s self to a more nuanced approach. … Continue reading Giving part of the meadow the Chelsea Chop »

Progressive Hand Hay Making

Grass mown this morning, spread out to dry It has been another good hay making day. This morning Phil mowed two long windrows up the edge of the hay field, opening up a patch ready to be mown on a course that we are running tomorrow. As the day warmed up, I spread the remainder of the hay that was cut on Friday and the … Continue reading Progressive Hand Hay Making »