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Planning your Meadow Management

Top Field in the snow

Although it does not feel like it, spring will be upon us soon. Whether you have acres of grassland or a wildlife patch in the corner of your allotment, this is an ideal time to plan how you will manage your meadow over the coming year. Below are some tasks to get started on soon and others to think about in the seasons to come. … Continue reading Planning your Meadow Management »

Mole Hills on Cae Mari Jones

Mole Hills on Cae Mari Jones I don’t think any scyther enjoys meeting a mole hill while mowing a good crop of hay. It interrupts the flow of your scythe strokes, and worse still, blunts your blade! We obviously have a very healthy population of moles on the farm if the quantity of mole hills is anything to go by. Cae Mari Jones, our main … Continue reading Mole Hills on Cae Mari Jones »