A typical Austrian style scythe

scythe snath right hand grip

Snath and grips

The position of the grips are adjustable so that the scythe can be set up to suit the mowers height and mowing style.

Here’s a guide to choosing the right snath length for you.

Attaching the blade

The blade is attached with a metal scythe ring or clamp. The lay of the blade can be adjusted with a wedge.

Here’s how the blade is attached


Scythe Blades

A wide variety of scythe blades are available, for mowing everything lawns to brambles

An extra fine sharpening stone and a stone holder


A sharpening stone is used frequently whilst mowing, to keep the blade sharp and mowing easy.

Here’s a guide to sharpening your scythe

Peening a 75cm Profisense


The blade must be peened regularly (edge drawn out with a hammer and anvil) to keep it mowing well.

Here is our Peening Guide

Austrian Scythe


Scythes are very versatile tools. Here’s some of the types of mowing you can do with a scythe.

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2 thoughts on “A Tour of a Scythe

  1. I have an Elwell sickle and also a Nash scythe both of which I wish to sell. These are vintage items but exceedingly sharpe and in good condition. My reason for selling them is simply that I have no use for them living in a flat. If you have any interest in them or maybe know someone who does please contact me for more details and photographs

    1. Thanks Stephen. We do get the occasional enquiry for such equipment, I’ll pass on any enquires.