Snaths are available in four lengths.

The length needed depends on your height – see table below.

Once the correct length has been chosen, the scythe can be fine tuned using the adjustable handle positions on the snath such that the set up suits your height and mowing style.

Your Height———-Snath Number
Less then 5ft ———Size 1 (130cm)
5ft – 5ft 10————-Size 2 (150cm)
5ft 8 – 6ft 4————Size 3 (160cm)
6ft 2 and taller——–Size 4 (170cm)

A child’s snath can be supplied (size 1 with a short right hand grip) to make set up easier (children less then 4′ 6″).

People who are at the edge of the height range may not be sure which snath length to choose. If your legs are long in proportion to your body length you should choose the longer snath. If they are short in proportion to your body length choose the shorter snath. This should give you the most useful range of adjustment of the handle positions