Below are some videos demonstrating scything in various circumstance.

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Slicing not chopping!

It’s really useful to practice this action on short grass when you start to scythe. You can clearly see what you are doing and how the blade is moving in relation to the grass. This makes it easier to replicate the movement when you move into long grass.

Mowing a lawn with a scythe.

Whilst not every mower has ambitions to scythe a lawn, this video clearly show the basic mowing techniques that are used in a lot of scything. See here for more on scything lawns.

Garden Scything Techniques

A video showing various techniques for mowing in the garden and on narrow paths. Look out for the pet lamb!

Mowing the edge of an orchard bed

By mowing into the bed, the clippings can be left where the fall as a mulch. No tidying up afterwards!

Scything Bracken

Not all scything happens in the meadow! Or on perfectly upright vegetation. Mowing collapsed bracken in the winter

Some classic meadow mowing.

Scythe Cymru team mowing Cae Top on an atmospheric misty morning.

Scything along an electric fence

This stops the vegetation touching the wire and causing an earth, decreasing the power of the fence.

Mowing a narrow garden path

Down one side and back up the other!

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