Falci Scythe Blades

We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of blades from the Italian Falci factory.

Available for the first time in the UK these blades have a strong international reputation.

Trials on Falci models are continuing – here we offer a number of models that we have liked so far. As and when we find further models that will be suitable for the UK situation we will add them to the range.

Like all new blades, these blades will benefit from having the lacquer cleaned from the cutting edge before first use. The grass blades are generally finer then the equivalent Fux blades and will need less frequent peening, but also need a bit more care in use.

The tang angles of theses blades are not quite so perfectly matched to the snaths as the Fux blades. We have selected out models that we find work on the Austrian snath we supply. You may find that they require a different set up to that which you are used to using with a Fux blade.