Falci “The Bear” Heavy Ditch Blade


A tough blade that is suitable for mowing tough weeds, bracken, bramble and woody plants such as raspberry canes and young tree suckers. This blade is also capable of cutting older, woodier tree suckers.

Weighing in at over 700g, this 55cm blade is in the heavy weight category! While this extra weight takes a bit of extra work to move, the momentum of the heavy blade smooths out the jerks from slicing through the individual stems of tougher plants, making the mowing experience more comfortable.

This is a new pattern from Falci. It can be used in similar situations to the shorter Fux Bush Blade, and is one we’d now often pick up in preference.  As a blade it is generally more refined, with the hallmark strong Falci tang (in fact, even stronger than usual) and a lot of tensioning marks that produce a good, strong three dimensional shape.

Use with care – this blade is stronger then your snath! Make sure the hafting angle is properly set and the clamp is tight before you start to mow and check it frequently as you work.

Falci “The Bear” Red Edition

Due to a minor misreading of the order sheet in the factory the latest batch of Bear blades are sporting jaunty red paint, rather then their usual plain metal finish.

You will also notice there is a hole in the tang. This is so the blades can be used on snaths that have bolt on fixings, as well as the clamp attachments that we prefer.

We’ve tested the blades and the tang fits our snaths just as usual. The Bear blade has a very strong tang, the strength being in it’s thickness and the robust way it flows into the body of the blade. The positioning of the hole will not affect this.

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55cm Falci Bear