Falci 128 Grass / Trimming Blade

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This is a nice multi-purpose blade which sets up and mows very easily.

It cuts grass and fleshy weeds with ease. The lightness of the blade and the fine finish it is given by Falci means that, if well treated, it will keep mowing well longer before needing peening.

It’s lighter build makes it less suitable for rough work, or if you are likely to encounter hidden bricks or metal work in your garden. A Styria blade is a better choice in these circumstances.

The longer length (70 or 75cm) is useful for mowing in open meadows and grassy areas, whilst also being useful for trimming work around trees etc. It is especially useful later in the growing season or in meadows that have thicker vegetation/ coarser grasses. The deep belly of the blade helps it “float” over undulations and uneveness in the ground.

The shorter lengths make very nice blades for garden and trimming work.

Preparing your new blade for mowing

All new blades should have the lacquer cleaned off the cutting edge to prevent it clogging the sharpening stone. See this post for further details.

Preparing your new blade


A well curved blade with a deep belly, it has a hooked tip and stone point like the Fux “Styria” blade but is lighter.

This is a nice multi-purpose blade. I have been really enjoying using this blade to mow along our grassy tracks – the shape makes it easy to set up and mow with and it is forgiving of uneven ground. This blade is also nice for trimming work and mowing in orchards, forest gardens etc where the curve tip will help when mowing around obstacles. I also like using it in the meadow later in the haying season when the grasses are tougher / more tangled and laid.

The 70 or 75cm  length gives a good “bite forward”, allowing you to move forward more with each stroke. Shorter lengths are useful in more confined circumstances.

This blade cuts grass and fleshy weeds with ease. It’s lighter build makes it less suitable than the Styria for rougher work.

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