Falci 128 Grass / Trimming Blade


A light, multi-purpose blade which sets up and mows easily. It is ideal for the garden, eg mowing lawns, garden meadows and grassy paths, light weeding and trimming.


A light, well-curved blade with a deep belly, it has a hooked tip and stone point.

The Falci 128 blade is a good choice if most of your scything is fine grasses and weeds. The light blade needs less frequent peening to keep a good grass cutting edge.

Like any blade it needs frequent honing to keep a keen edge, but when used to manage a small area may only need peening once a year (or less).

It is a lighter blade then the Rasierschnitt, Styria or Profisense, so it is less suitable for tougher weeds or areas where you might accidently hit hard objects eg concrete path edging.

The curved shape works well in confined areas and around obstacles, eg trimming around the garden or allotment, mowing in orchards or along trackways.

It’s deep belly makes it forgiving of uneven ground and easy for the beginner to set up and mow. When used on the lawn the deep belly gives a slightly longer cut, which can be desirable as it leaves the lawn greener then with a very close cut.

The 60cm length will mow open areas in a reasonable time, but is still nimble enough for a range of garden tasks.

The 50cm length blade is a good choice if most of your scything is tiny areas like  “pocket handkerchief” lawns or grassed paths 3ft wide or less.

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50cm Falci 128, 60cm Falci 128