Falci 100 Meadow and Lawn Blade

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The 75cm Falci 100 blade is our favorite Falci to use in the meadow.

All lengths are good for lawns, and the shorter lengths are useful for grassy paths. Choose the length depending on the area you have – a longer blade will mow quicker, a shorter one is easier in a more confined space.

The 100 is a light, fine blade. We find that it holds an edge well and needs peening less often. When it does need peening, an edge peen can be enough to keep it in good condition for quite a while.

This is a beautiful, refined blade but it’s lightness means that it is not one to take into the rough corners of the field or across a lawn full of stones!

The blade has a deep curve to the belly (from the back rib to the cutting edge). This helps it ride over undulations (it manages our lumpy hay fields beautifully) and makes it easy to set up and mow.

Preparing your new blade for mowing

All new blades should have the lacquer cleaned off the cutting edge to prevent it clogging the sharpening stone. See this post for further details.

Preparing your new blade

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50cm Falci 100, 60cm Falci 100, 75cm Falci 100