Falci 187 Short Ditch Blade


Short, versatile blades that are suitable for mowing grass, weeds, bracken and bramble.

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55cm Falci 187

The 55cm Falci 187 is a versatile blade that can be used for mowing grass, weeds, bracken and the odd young bramble (less then one year old).

It is a good choice if you want a shorter blade to cover a mix of grassy trimming work and rougher mowing. We find it useful for trimming under electric fences and path work.

The longer length will help you mow more with each stroke whilst still being nimble enough for confined areas eg paths less than 3-4ft in width, areas with a lot of obstacles.

NOTE: The nature of the Falci blade tensioning means it needs to be used with care in areas where you might accidently hit hard objects eg concrete path edging.

40cm Falci 187

In addition to the above, the Falci 187 40cm blade can be used on occasional woodier weeds eg raspberry canes and young tree suckers (<6 months), whilst still retaining more versatility then a bush blade. It’s short length means it is suitable for use in very confined areas (approx 2ft wide).

For a longer ditch blade have a look at the Styria 65cm blade.

If you are cutting a lot of older, woodier brambles and tree suckers you might be better with a Fux Bush Blade or a Falci Bear.

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