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Things We Do With a Scythe 4 – Hay Making!

A list of things we do with a scythe wouldn’t be complete without hay making. Here is Phil mowing in the Top Field with an 85cm Profisense. Mowing in a hay meadow is a great opportunity to stretch out and mow wide swaths. It also gets the job done quicker. To facilitate this width of mowing, Phil is using a size 3 snath with a … Continue reading Things We Do With a Scythe 4 – Hay Making! »

First Scythe Course of 2013

The 2013 mowing season truly got underway this weekend with our first Introductory Scythe Course of the year. Eight enthusiastic participants gathered at the Trust, some local and some having travelled from North Wales and the Welsh/English borders. As usual we started of by getting everyone set up with a scythe, then went out into the short grass to practice the “Tai Chi” style scything … Continue reading First Scythe Course of 2013 »