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Learn to Mow

At last, there is a clear and concise guide to help you learn to scythe! There has long been a need for a guide that is in harmony with how the scythe is currently being used in the UK, and Steve Tomlin’s new book “Learn to Scythe” is just that. It gives instruction on every aspect of scythe use, from set up to good mowing … Continue reading Learn to Mow »

It’s ok to be slow

Some sections of the internet have been buzzing about a youtube video of a Scythe vs Strimmerrace. (The scythe wins if you don’t want to go and watch it). Then there are the scythe competitions – some people can mow really fast! And with a good quality cut too. But it is ok to be slow. I was listening to an podcast of the BBC … Continue reading It’s ok to be slow »