Learn to Mow

At last, there is a clear and concise guide to help you learn to scythe!
Learn to scythe
There has long been a need for a guide that is in harmony with how the scythe is currently being used in the UK, and Steve Tomlin’s new book “Learn to Scythe” is just that. It gives instruction on every aspect of scythe use, from set up to good mowing technique, sharpening and peening to caring for your blade, with helpful illustrations throughout and clear and informative text.

Steve and Phil have been co-teaching at the scythe courses running up to the West Country Scythe Festival for many years now. The courses have provided an opportunity for them, along with Christiana Lagander, to develop and refine their teaching techniques which Steve has now captured admirably in this book.

We still believe a book is no substitute for attending a scythe course in person ( see The value of attending a scythe course), but this book is none the less valuable, and will be an excellent reference and aid-memoir for the information taught on such a course.

“Learn to Scythe” is available to purchase in our Scythe Shop. As a special offer, the book is available for £5 when bought with a complete scythe kit (normal price £10).