Styria Ditch blade


A highly versatile blade that can be used on rough weeds and brambles, but can also be peened up to cut meadows, grass and soft weeds.


The 65cm Styria is our best selling scythe blade.

It can be used for mowing rougher grass, weeds, bracken and bramble, and on rough ground where there may be stones etc that would damage a finer blade.

When peened, it will also cut finer grasses and soft weeds and is useful in over-stood, tangled meadows – a truly multi-purpose blade.

The shorter length and tighter curve of the 55cm Styria blade is useful if you are mowing in more confined circumstances eg paths less than 3ft in width, or around similarly closely spaced trees or obstacles.

For an alternative shorter ditch blade have a look at the Falci 187 Short Ditch blade.

See the Styria 75cm blade if you are mowing mostly grass and green weeds over larger areas.

If you are cutting a lot of older, woodier brambles and tree suckers you might be better with a Fux Bush Blade or a Falci Bear.


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55cm Styria, 65cm Styria