75cm Styria blade


A 75cm version of the highly popular Styria blade, for mowing large areas of meadow, grass and soft weeds.

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The Styria pattern has a strong belly and a curved shape.

This form, and the blades more robust feel, make it useful when mowing lusher or coarser grasses and forbes (meadow plants) in meadows, extensive orchard etc. The shape also works well on undulating / uneven ground.

We have found this blade especially useful for mowing over-mature meadow grasses in the autumn. While this a versatile blade that can be used in a variety of situations, we think it is especially useful if:

  • you need to scythe large areas of long, lush, dense grasses and forbes (meadow plants)
  • you scythe areas consisting of green, actively growing grass mixed with brown / dead grasses
  • you scythe some/all of your meadow late in the season (ie end August onwards)
  • you want something longer than a standard 65cm Styria blade

As blades get longer they tend to be more prone to damage if used to mow tougher vegetation. We primarily recommend the 75cm Styria blade for grasses and green weeds.

See the shorter Styria blades if you need to cover tougher vegetation.

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75cm Styria