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Apple Tree Grafting Workshop

Yesterday we ran our second Apple Tree Grafting Workshop. The day started off with Phil looking at the reasons we choose to graft apple trees onto different root stocks. He went on to look at the principles of grafting, including sourcing root stock and grafting material, the grafting processes it’s self and aftercare of the grafted trees. Freshly grafted Apple Trees The participants had a … Continue reading Apple Tree Grafting Workshop »

Establishing Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor)

Spring is well underway, the grass is growing and the Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor is germinating in the hay meadows. It is also germinating in profusion in many of the areas that we mulched with grass and hay from Cae Mari Jones last summer and autumn. Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) seedlings germinating in hay mulch There has been a lot of interest in the role … Continue reading Establishing Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) »

Making our own Laburnum fence posts

We are gradually working towards using hedges as the stock proof boundaries of the Trust’s fields, both through an ongoing programme of laying and restoring existing hedges and by planting new ones, as detailed in the previous post. While this work is in progress we need to maintain the fences we currently have. Inevitably posts break and need replacing. We are finding that some modern … Continue reading Making our own Laburnum fence posts »

Edible Hedgerows

We are in the process of developing Edible Hedgerows along some of the fence lines that are not along existing hedge lines. The hedges will function something like a linear forest garden, allowing us to create a higher yield of edibles than in a standard hedge, whilst also carrying out several more usual hedgerow functions. Front: Hugal bed filled with wood. Behind is the next … Continue reading Edible Hedgerows »

Grafting Apple Trees – collecting scion wood

Collecting graft material from an apple tree Here is Phil collecting material for grafting from an apple tree in our garden. The scions are stored with their butt ends in the ground to await grafting on to new root stock, either by us or during our Apple Tree Grafting Workshop later in the spring. Labelled bundles of apple scions being stored ready for use in … Continue reading Grafting Apple Trees – collecting scion wood »

Bare Root Apple Trees for Sale

Following on from last years grafting course at the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust, we have a small number of bare root apple trees for sale. All are on MM106 semi-vigorous rootstock and are varieties that have been selected to grow well in West Wales. Trees are £12 each, see below for variety list. Trees can either be collected from the Trust, or from Newcastle Emlyn … Continue reading Bare Root Apple Trees for Sale »

Harvesting Bracken

Bracken Mowing – cut bracken to the left, uncut to the right I have been using our trimming scythe to harvest bracken in one of the fields at the Trust. Mature bracken stalks are pretty tough, so I used a 65cm Styria blade, which is capable of cutting rougher stuff without sustaining unreasonable damage to the cutting edge. I say “harvesting” rather then “controlling” the … Continue reading Harvesting Bracken »