More Information about the Scythe Masterclass

Here is more information from Simon Fairlie about the upcoming Scythe Master Class at the West Country Scythe Festival:

“The Master class is designed to perfect your mowing, sharpening and peening abilities and also explains how to manage a team and teach mowing to other people. Learning how to teach other people is a good way to focus on your own performance.

Day 1 Thursday 11th June: Introduction , historical overview, setting up the snath and blade, sharpening and maintenance, basic mowing, health and safety.

Day 2 Friday 12th June: better mowing stance; advanced peening; organising events, insurance, risk assessments, teaching skills, managing volunteers etc

Day 3 Saturday 13th June
Morning: Teaching novices (real life practice); Afternoon: workshops on peening, grassland management, haymaking, English scythes etc
Sunday 14th June: Scythe Fair and Competition

For more information or to book, please email”