To the Fair by Bike

We had a stand at a fair in the Woollen Museum on Saturday. The fair was called “The Good Life” and gave visitors to the museum and locals the chance to see the variety of land based crafts carried out in the area.

Here are our bikes at the museum, loaded up with scythes, wool, preserves and information (and people!).

Our old Burley trailer (on the right) was used to transport the children when they were small. Now it serves as a second luggage trailer, with a handy “roof rack” that is great for carrying snaths. The trusty single wheeled Bob trailer (left) is with us too.

As well as information about scything we also took along some of our Shetland and Welsh Black knitting yarn. I have been busy dyeing some of it with plants from the land, including home grown Dyer’s Chamomile, a years worth of saved onion skins and lichen that was collected after being blown off the trees last winter. The dyes on top of our fawn yarn have produced a nice selection of Autumnal colours.

The un-dyed yarn can be bought through ourshop. I also have a small selection of plant dyed yarn available. Contact usfor details if you are interested.