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Scything under an Electric Fence

A throw back to May 2020, during Lockdown 1. Periodically cutting the grass along the fence line stops it touching the bottom wire and shorting out the fence. Vegetation touching the electric fence decreases it’s power and efficiency (and increases the chances that the livestock will break through!). The scythe is the ideal tool for the job 🙂 And oh if we had that much … Continue reading Scything under an Electric Fence »

You Can Scythe in the Rain.

Unlike mechanical mowers a scythe is perfectly happy cutting wet vegetation ….which is lucky really, considering the weather we have been having. The view out of the window may not be very enticing, but sometimes you just have to get out there and mow! In fact, damp drizzly days can be an ideal chance to catch up on some mowing jobs. Mowing in the Rain … Continue reading You Can Scythe in the Rain. »