Need a stone holder but don’t have one to hand?

Read on to find out how to make your own quick and simple DIY version.

You will get the best out of your scythe if you hone it with a stone very frequently (every five minutes or less when mowing grass). It doesn’t take long to do and the improvement in speed and ease of mowing is well worth the time spent.

Scythe stones should be used wet. This makes them less harsh on the blade edge and helps wash away any dirt that might accumulate on the stone.

The stone holder holds enough water to keep your scythe stone wet whilst conveniently hanging on your belt so your stone is always close to hand.

Yes, a bucket could hold your stones and keep them wet. But you’re not going to hone frequently if you have to trek off to a bucket at the side of the field every time you want to sharpen.

So while it might seem like a financial saving to not get a stone holder, or to have a shared bucket of stones for groups of mowers, it really makes for the best mowing if each scyther has their own stone and stone holder.

You don’t have to buy multiple stone holders to have one each! A simple but effective stone holder can be made from a plastic milk carton.

Cut off the top to make room to put the stone in, put some water in the bottom, thread a belt through the handle to carry and away you go.

Below is one I made. I only had a two liter carton to hand but it gives the idea. A one liter carton works better and should splash less.

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