Schröckenfux Competition Blades (100cm -125cm)


We have occasional requests for long “competition” blades.

Schröckenfux have a small number of blades in stock from 100cm -125cm. Blades can be pre-ordered to arrive with our next delivery.

These blades are not for beginners!

Scything experience is needed to get a long blade set up and mowing well. You need to know how to modify snaths and tangs (or be prepared to learn), finesse blade set up and be practiced at peening and mowing.

Orders must be placed by MONDAY 10th JUNE for July delivery.



This blade is suitable for the experienced mower to use on large lawns or for early hay making. Or for taking part in scythe competitions!

Longer blades allow you to cut more with each pass of the blade but require greater technical skill from the scyther, both when scything and in scythe set-up and peening / sharpening.

Don’t assume the longest blades will be the best. At these extremes, a relatively small increase in length of the blade makes a large difference in how it handles and mows.


Additional Information

Competition Blade Length

100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 125cm