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Phoenix Works – How to use an English Scythe

A week ago, fellow Scythe Association. member Chris Riley posted a link to an interesting article on the history of the Phoenix works on the group list. Like Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Phoenix works was based in the Sheffield area and were manufacturers of English scythe blades and sickles. The article is fascinating and can be read in full here. One of the best bits of … Continue reading Phoenix Works – How to use an English Scythe »

The English Scythe

There are many reasons that the Austrian style scythe has risen to prominence in the British scythe revolution. It’s lightness and ease of use make it attractive, as does the fact that high quality equipment is still being made and can be bought, allowing you to get out and get mowing quickly and easily. It is not so easy to get started with the English … Continue reading The English Scythe »

Visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

On a recent trip to the Peak District I visited Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. The hamlet was a place of metal working from 1697 until 1933, making scythes and other edge tools. Scythe blades from here were sent all over the world. Much of the hamlet is presented as it would have been in the 18th century when water was used to power the machinery of … Continue reading Visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet »