Scythe Master Class at the West Country Scythe Festival

The Scything Master Class at the West Country Scythe Festival is on the horizon!
12th – 14th June at Muchlney, Somerset

This comprehensive master class brings together some of the most experienced users and tutors of the Austrian Scythe from across the. UK and Europe.

It is the premier opportunity to learn all there is to know about the scythe and it’s use and to take your scything on to the next level. It is also useful for those looking to use the scythe with volunteers or wanting to move into teaching.

The two day course gives plenty of opportunity to go in depth into the world of scything. It is an excellent chance to go beyond the basics and improve your mowing, peening and sharpening techniques. Questions on all aspects of scythe use are welcome and there is a wealth of experience to be found amongst the tutors. With a high tutor to pupil ratio participants receive plenty of personal attention.

It is also an excellent opportunity to meet and socialise with fellow scythe enthusiasts from across the UK, both on the course it’s self and with members of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland (SABI) during the SABI day and AGM on Saturday

And of course, the experience culminates with the West Country Scythe Festival on Sunday. Always enjoyable, with plenty of activities and fun and perhaps an opportunity to put some of your newly fine tuned skills to the test during one of the Scything Competitions?

Participants should have attended a one day scythe course or have some experience of using the scythe before booking on the Scything Master Class. For more information on the course and to book, see here.

The Tutors:
Simon Fairlie
Simon imports the Austrian scythe to the UK and runs The Scythe Shop. He was responsible for reintroduction of the Austrian scythe early in the 21st century when he was struggling to find adequate tools for hand hay making locally. He has vast experience of hand hay making to feed horses and cows, both at Tinkers Bubble and now at Monkton Wyld. He instigated early scythe training in UK, inviting renowned Scything Master Peter Vido to teach at the first ever UK scythe festival in 2005, and has since taught many people to scythe himself.

Christiane Lechnear
An very experienced user of the scythe from Austrian, Christiane has taught scything in Austria and the UK. She is also a yoga teacher and uses her knowledge to improve people’s scything technique. She has a deep knowledge of the scythe and it’s use in Austria.

Steve Tomlin
Based in Cumbria, Steve originally learnt to scythe in France, then became involved with the UK scything world after attending the first UK scythe festival as a hay rake maker and green wood worker. He is an experienced teacher and has taught many people and groups across the UK. He is able to give a thorough analysis of people’s scything technique and help create improvements.

Phil Batten
Based in SW Wales, Phil learnt to scythe at the first UK scythe festival with Peter Vido and has been mowing and improving ever since. He has built up a large base of experience with the scythe, having been using it to manage the land of Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust for eight years. He is exploring techniques for integrating the use of the scythe in all aspects of management of a small holding, from hand haymaking to management of gardens, rough margins and areas of permanent planting. A student of Tai Chi, he integrates aspects of the discipline into scything techniques to improve ease, effectiveness and to be gentle on the body. An experienced teacher, he has taught scything at the Trust and the festival for many years.