Get Ready to Mow! Peening Workshop and Social Peening Event

With the lengthening days our thoughts are turning towards the main mowing season, and making sure our scythes are ready to mow. If your scythe has been gathering dust (or worse rust….) all winter we have just the workshop to get you set up for the year ahead.

On 7th April we are holding a Peening Workshop followed by a Social Peening event. The morning workshop will be dedicated to helping you get your blade in to tip top condition for the season ahead. Learn how to peen your blade well and see how much easier the mowing becomes.

The afternoon will be a free Social Peening event. We are inviting scythers to come along and enjoy a bring and share lunch with the morning workshop participants, then spend an afternoon practising the all important art of peening in the company of fellow scythe enthusiasts. This is a great chance to do what we all plan to do, make sure your blade is ready to mow before you need it and of course enjoy a bit of scythe related banter.

See our courses page for more information.